In the early twentieth century, the Malankara Church saw the great need to offer spiritual support and resources to our Orthodox Christian students in various high schools and colleges/universities. Under the initiative of a core group of students and senior leaders of the Church, the 'Syrian Student Conference' was formed in January of 1907. In 1960 this 'Syrian Student Conference' changed its name to Mar Gregorios Orthodox Christian Student Movement, under the prayerful patronship and intercession of St. Gregorios of Parumala. This spiritual organization gathered many students and leaders under their motto of 'Worship, Study, Service'.

This movement today stands as the oldest Christian Student Organization in India and has expanded its ministry into various wings in India. Such wings include College student's wing, High school student's wing, University teachers Association, Medical Auxiliary, Technical Auxiliary, Missionary forum, Literary forum, and Publication wing.

This ministry has also established many student centers throughout which continue to offer our students spiritual care and support, food and housing and other forms of assistance. The MGOCSM Bookstore in India continues to publish and offer books of spiritual wealth and knowledge to the members of the MGOCSM and the Church as a whole.

The MGOCSM has grown beyond the borders of India and been rooted in the Church in North America since the 1980s. The MGOCSM of North America has expanded its ministry by offering annual Mission Trips to India and other places in America, Leadship Camps, the celebration of MGOCSM Day, observance of MGOCSM Service Day, and so much more.

The MGOCSM of the Northeast American Diocese continues to grow with diocesan and area wide events. Such events include, retreats, seminars, bible studies, vocation seminars, services events to name a few.

Under the prayerful leadership of our Diocese's Hierarchs, Vice President, and MGOCSM Council members, the MGOCSM of Northeast America continues to seek ways of reaching out and ministering to the vibrant MGOCSM members of the Northeast American Diocese.